Legal firm exclusively dedicated to international trade and customs law.

Clients range from large Fortune 500 multinationals to SMEs and business start-ups. Regardless of size, all share one thing in common: the need for timely information and reliable advice concerning the cross-border movement of their goods. And this is precisely what we deliver.

We are able to craft intelligent solutions to your everyday cross-border problems, no matter how complex. We can do so because of the rich experience we have gained from practicing in this field for many years, applying our skills in different contexts and working alongside a variety of partners: we know the law but we also understand how effective solutions must serve business needs and take into account tax issues, accounting constraints, supply chain optimization and customs brokerage practices. Being able to offer a multidisciplinary approach is not just a trendy expression we use, it defines us and describes what we do.

Experience has taught us that international trade isn’t a stand-alone discipline; it lives among the many facets of running a business: buying, selling, producing, storing, distributing. And international trade isn’t to be taken into consideration only when goods are moving across borders either: it is relevant at every stage of the product cycle, from R&D to after-sale services. We understand all of that and our clients benefit from applying those guiding principles in our practice.

Sometimes extremely large and complex cases require the assistance of a big firm and an army of legal advisors. And sometimes getting the right answer from an experienced practitioner is just what’s needed: this is what we offer.

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